Friday, March 2, 2012

NEC selects ClariPhy’s LightSpeed 40G coherent SoC

OFC/NFOEC 2012, IRVINE, USA: ClariPhy Communications Inc., a leading developer of ultra-high speed mixed signal, digital signal processing (MXSP) system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for coherent optical networks, announced that NEC Corp. has selected ClariPhy’s LightSpeed coherent SoC for integration into NEC’s optical transceiver modules. ClariPhy’s LightSpeed CL4010 SoC is the industry’s first single chip CMOS solution targeting the highly anticipated deployment of 40 gigabit per second (40G) coherent optical networks.

The rapid emergence of coherent optical transmission technology, enabled by advanced DSP-based modulation techniques, represents a paradigm shift in optical networking that promises to dramatically increase both the reach and capacity of fiber networks. ClariPhy's LightSpeed CL4010 is the world’s first application specific standard product (ASSP) for coherent optical transmission, enabling module suppliers like NEC to address the surging demand from operators for 40G coherent deployments.

The LightSpeed CL4010 offers industry leading integration and lowest power consumption compared to alternate solutions enabling standard Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) form factors from module suppliers. The LightSpeed CL4010 enables ultra-long haul transmission of more than 3,000 km, while providing a high degree of spectral efficiency critical in metro and long haul networks.

“By delivering the world’s first single chip 40G coherent ASSP we are driving an open ecosystem that will allow operators to take advantage of industry wide compatibility and superior optical performance,” said Nariman Yousefi, CEO, ClariPhy Communications Inc. “We deeply value NEC’s confidence in our technology and execution ability and are honored with the opportunity of partnering with an industry leader.”

“The single-chip integration of the LightSpeed SoC enables us to build standard form-factor optical transceiver modules with digital coherent technology,” said Tomokazu Ito, GM, Fiber Optics Devices Division, NEC. “The superior performance delivered by the LightSpeed SoC coupled with compatibility with widely deployed enhanced forward error correction solutions helps us significantly increase optical reach compared to current products.”

“The LightSpeed SoC product family enables us to leverage a single development across multiple markets and applications. ClariPhy’s ability to execute on developing and designing state of the art complex SoCs matched by industry leading service quality are key contributors to accelerating time to market for our products,” said Tetsuyuki Suzaki, senior manager for High Speed Optics, Fiber Optics Device Division, NEC, Japan.

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