Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IXYS-Clare intros 16-channel high voltage analog switch ICs

BEVERLY, USA: IXYS-Clare, a division of IXYS Corp., announced the immediate availability of the CPC7601 and the CPC7701 16-Channel High Voltage Analog Switch ICs. The CPC7601 and CPC7701 feature 16 low gate charge injection analog switches that are rated at 200V and are controlled by low voltage CMOS logic signals (3V or 5V). Input data is serially entered into a 16-bit shift register and then buffered and stored in a 16-bit transparent latch.

These high voltage switches are constructed using Clare’s proven HVIC SOI (Silicon On Insulator) wafer process. The analog switches are capable of switching high load voltages, and have a flexible load voltage ranges (ex. +40V/-160V, or +100V/-100V), making then well suited for medical, ultrasound imaging, and industrial applications. The CPC7601 and CPC7701 require very low quiescent current (less than 0.1 micro-A typical), and are specified over an extended temperature range of zero to 70 degrees centigrade.

Both parts feature 60dB minimum output-off isolation at 5MHz. The CPC7701 also features integrated bleed resistors on each switch terminal to discharge the voltage built up on capacitive loads such as piezoelectric transducers.

In the ‘world of IXYS’ where customers can select power semiconductors, driver ICs and MCUs, the added high voltage analog switches open new applications with one stop shopping.

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