Monday, March 26, 2012

SDK for CIPURSE standard now available

MUNICH, GERMANY: The Open Standard for Public Transport (OSPT Alliance announced that the software development kit (SDK) for its CIPURSE open standard is now available for order by OSPT Alliance Associate Members and Evaluators. The CIPURSE SDK provides developers with the tools and software needed to accelerate development of new, open-standard-based transit solutions.

"The CIPURSE SDK opens the door to a new era of open-standard transit solutions for developers," said Laurent Cremer, executive director for the OSPT Alliance.

"Transit operators around the world are preparing to deploy new fare collection systems or augment existing systems in anticipation of NFC and other advances in fare collection media. The CIPURSE SDK enables developers to quickly bring a wide range of solutions to market that address the need for advanced security while offering unmatched implementation flexibility. We eagerly anticipate a wave of innovation in transit fare collection systems."

With the CIPURSE SDK, developers can install and configure multiple types of readers, communicate with CIPURSE-based smartcards, and create terminal applications to exchange secure messaging. The kit includes a smartcard reader, contactless CIPURSE cards, an API Library, SmartCardLite Manager software, and the CIPURSE card specification. OSPT Alliance Associate Members and Evaluators can purchase the CIPURSE SDK for 600 Euros, which includes shipping.

The CIPURSE open standard provides a solid foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable, and flexible transit fare collection solutions. It is an advanced standard for contactless cards and NFC-based fare collection, enabling the development of innovative fare collection solutions. The standard is vendor-independent and developed specifically to meet the needs of the transit industry.

Based on a common core, the standard incorporates advanced security features while supporting all contactless smart fare media. Developers are free to add functionality outside of the common core. CIPURSE-based solutions will enable transit agencies to easily migrate to open-standard solutions, while enhancing security and supporting innovative payment applications.

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