Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GEO Semiconductor announces new security camera reference design featuring AnyView technology

ISC WEST 2012, SANTA CLARA, USA: GEO Semiconductor Inc., the industry leader in programmable, high performance, video and geometry processing IC solutions, announced the availability of its new security camera reference design jointly created by GEO Semiconductor and Aptina. Code-named Janus, the reference design features GEO’s AnyView technology and will be demonstrated at the International Security Conference 2012 (ISC West 2012) being held in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 28th through 30th 2012.

Janus is a complete Full HD (1080p60) camera system that integrates GEO’s AnyView technology targeted at security and surveillance applications. Combining Aptina’s AR0331 high dynamic range sensor and Image Co-Processor ICP-HD with GEO’s sxW2 IC and Janus enables designers to implement advanced capabilities and features in security cameras not previously available in the marketplace. These features collectively referred to as AnyView, include:

* Elimination of multiple cameras by the selection and display of multiple (1-8) views of any size from the fish eye input view while performing real-time full HD De-warping with independent dynamic pan tilt and zoom capabilities in each of the windows;
* “Zero Pixel LossTM” panoramic views of the fish eye input at full HD (1080p60) resolution;
* Ability to auto calibrate and correct for lens distortions;
* Stitching together of multiple sensor image streams, to provide ultra-wide panoramic views;
* Reduction of system cost by use of inexpensive optics and plastic lenses; and
* Maximization of image capture area through the use of elliptical and custom lenses.

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