Monday, March 26, 2012

Fairchild's 650V field stop IGBTs improve efficiency, enhance system reliability in power conversion apps

SAN JOSE, USA: Designers of solar power inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and welding applications are challenged with improving energy efficiency with heat and thermal regulation while keeping component count low. Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a series of 650V IGBTs for photovoltaic inverter applications that help designers meet this industry challenge.

Fairchild Semiconductor’s Field Stop IGBT technology enables designers to develop a highly reliable system design with higher input voltage while offering optimum performance where low conduction and switching losses are essential. The 650V IGBTs feature high current handling capability, positive temperature coefficient, tight parameter distribution and a wide safe operating area.

The increased breakdown voltage improves reliability where negative ambient temperatures are present; as the temperature decreases the IGBT and FRD blocking voltage also decreases making this device particularly beneficial for PV solar inverters used in colder climates.

As careful selection of IGBTs and free-wheeling diodes are essential for maximum efficiency, the 650V IGBT provides fast and soft recovery that reduces power dissipation and achieves low turn-on and turn-off losses.

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