Friday, March 30, 2012

ISCUG 2012 slated for April 9-10 in Bangalore

NAPA, USA & BANGALORE, INDIA: The Indian SystemC User Group (ISCUG) conference will take place in Bangalore on April 9-10, 2012 in affiliation with Accellera Systems Initiative, OCP-IP, IEEE and the India Semiconductor Association. The Indian SystemC User's Group organization aims to accelerate the adoption of SystemC as the open source standard for Electronics System Level (ESL) designs.

Day one of this event provides a platform for SystemC beginners, SystemC experts, ESL managers and ESL vendors to share their knowledge, experiences and best practices about SystemC usage. The event is designed on the pattern of similar events happening worldwide including North America (NASCUG), Europe (ESCUG) and Japan (SystemC Day Japan). There will be active discussion about next-generation design and verification methodologies for semiconductors and embedded software. The opening keynote will be presented by Tor Jeremiassen, Texas Instruments.

Day two of this event provides two in-depth tutorials. The morning tutorial, "SystemC and TLM-2.0 Introductory Tutorial," will introduce the main features of the SystemC class library and show how it can be used to model hardware structure, concurrency and time. It will also describe the main features of the TLM-2.0 standard and explain how TLM-2.0 can be used to achieve both speed and interoperability between the transaction-level models used to build a virtual platform.

The afternoon tutorial, "The New SystemC Standard - IEEE 1666-2011," will focus on the IEEE 1666 Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual, published early in 2012, which combines SystemC and TLM-2.into a single standard. The tutorial will teach the new features of SystemC and TLM-2.0 in full. In addition, the tutorial will provide an introduction to the forthcoming draft Configuration Standard which targets the configuration of SystemC models.

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