Monday, March 26, 2012

IDT RapidIO Gen2 interface selected for high-speed interconnect on TI's TMS320C665x multicore processors

SAN JOSE, USA: Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) announced that IDT’s RapidIO Gen 2 interface intellectual property (IP) has been selected by Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) for its new TMS320C665x multicore digital signal processors (DSPs).

TI’s innovative DSPs feature combined fixed- and floating-point capabilities, delivering real-time high performance at low power with smaller form factors for a variety of high-performance and portable applications such as mission-critical, industrial automation, testers, embedded vision, imaging, medical and audio, and video infrastructure.

IDT’s RapidIO Gen2 interface operates at an aggregate bandwidth of up to 20 Gbps using four serial lanes, each at up to 6.25 Gbaud. The IDT IP is preferred by DSP, microprocessor, and ASIC vendors for multiprocessor communication due to its inherent interoperability with IDT’s rich portfolio of RapidIO Gen2 switches. By using IDT’s RapidIO Gen 2 interface with IDT switches, OEMs are able to deliver embedded systems with twice the interconnect throughput and an order of magnitude lower end-to-end packet termination latency compared to 10 GbE solutions, along with very low 100 ns cut-through latencies through IDT switches.

“IDT’s RapidIO Gen2 interface technology offers tremendous scalability benefits to our customers,” said Ramesh Kumar, business manager, multicore processors, Texas Instruments. “We are now delivering the industry’s most mature RapidIO interfaces for interconnectivity across our DSP portfolio and have selected RapidIO because of its inherent performance attributes for DSP aggregation, such as 10 GbE.”

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