Thursday, February 16, 2012

Warren East, CEO of ARM, to keynote at Semico IP conference

PHOENIX, USA: Semico announced that Warren East, CEO of ARM Holdings, will deliver the keynote address on May 16th, 2012 at the Semico IMPACT Conference: Focus on the IP Ecosystem. ARM is the world's leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property with over 20 billion ARM-based chips shipped to date.

In a year when semiconductor revenues were flat, ARM's revenues increased 24 percent in FY2011 to $785 million. Warren East will open Semico's IP conference providing his vision of what this industry needs to continue on a path of innovation and success.

In our changing electronics landscape, IC designers have a tough road ahead. Should their products address a computing need or improve communication? Should they design different products for different applications? Or can the designer create products that will be all things to all customers, optimizing both power and performance?

Warren East is perfect to answer these questions, considering that ARM has 90 percent of the market share for smart phones as well as 95 percent in low-end and feature phones. Yet, future growth will be in servers, smart meters, digital TV, etc. A total of 7.9 billion ARM-based chips shipped in 2011 in everything from smart phones to coffee machines to bluetooth headsets to printers. ARM is opening the window to the mobile world and beyond.

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