Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conexant launches high-performance digital audio processor with integrated power management

NEWPORT BEACH, USA: Conexant Systems Inc. announced the CX20805, its new dual-core 32-bit, high-performance, low-power digital audio processor, targeted to applications with the most demanding audio requirements.

By integrating high-speed USB 2.0, other key audio interfaces with advanced power management and a high-performance 800 MIPS digital signal processor (DSP), Conexant offers the industry’s most comprehensive audio solution. The new chip is accompanied by an efficient C compiler, software tools and a suite of DSP algorithms. The CX20805 is based on the Conexant Audio Processing Engine (CAPE) architecture, which lays the foundation for the company’s future audio chip innovations.

Historically, audio performance in consumer electronics devices has been sacrificed in a drive to keep costs down. As consumer expectations for audio quality have increased, along with advances in audio algorithms and hardware, precision sound and clarity have become mission-critical for today’s consumer electronics. With the CX20805, Conexant brings the ultimate in flexibility, performance and power-efficiency for designers to meet their new audio challenges.

In addition to offering customers and partners the powerful new chip with a fully open programmable environment, Conexant also offers the most comprehensive, turnkey solution by integrating an analog mixed signal codec and application-specific software DSP algorithms. Uniquely qualified to bring an audio architecture of this kind to market, Conexant has tapped its long history and expertise in mixed signal, system-on-chip, firmware, software, and systems development experience.

“This new architecture, which combines a 32-bit DSP core, advanced power management and rich I/Os, is a first for the audio industry,” said Sailesh Chittipeddi, president and CEO, Conexant. “We are answering an expressed need in the marketplace for a platform that is customizable, yet comes packaged with best-in-class analog components and software algorithms integrated for full solutions.”

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