Monday, December 12, 2011

SMSC targets fast growing security market with customizable TrustSpan secure flash storage and smart card reader controllers

HAUPPAUGE, USA: SMSC, a leading semiconductor company enabling content rich connectivity systems, launched its portfolio of TrustSpan security products to meet the increasing demand for flexible, custom security solutions targeting the PC, Peripheral and Embedded markets.

SMSC’s SEC2410 Hi-Speed USB secure flash controller offers exceptional data transfer performance with inline encryption for flash drives and portable devices. Hardware based inline encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) provides top security with virtually no performance penalty. In addition, SMSC’s new line of smart card reader controllers, including the SEC1100 and SEC1200, offer advanced subscriber, user or machine identity capabilities for host devices including notebook or desktop computers, monitors, docking stations, printers and network access points.

“The escalation of identity, data and monetary theft, as well as attacks against corporate, government and military databases, is driving a rapidly-expanding market for highly-secure, USB-based user and machine identity and encrypted storage solutions,” said Guy Stewart, director of Global Technical Marketing for Security Products at SMSC. “Vendors and equipment manufacturers want to protect revenue generated by new cloud-based services, app stores and content delivery. These applications require devices that are customizable, address security needs, and meet the low-cost, small-footprint and low-power requirements for always-on, always-connected portable devices.”

Protecting data stored in USB Flash drives, portable devices and network nodes is a top priority for governments, banks, corporations, content providers and individuals. SMSC’s SEC2410 provides a highly-flexible, low-cost, single-chip data protection solution. The SEC2410 is a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Flash memory controller (FMC) with hardware AES support. SMSC also offers the SEC4410, which includes the same features but also includes a Hi-Speed Interconnect (HSIC) interface for embedded applications.

With support for the popular Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) formats, the SEC2410/4410 can handle sustained data transfer rates exceeding 35Mbps. Featuring an extensive software library available in source form, a powerful ARM Cortex M3 processor, 32 general purpose I/Os, SPI and I2CTM bus master interfaces, One-time programmable (OTP) memory and executable RAM, the devices are also well-suited for use in designs requiring a secure endpoint controller. The SEC2410 comes with reference designs for a secure USB Flash drive and a powerful software development kit (SDK) for custom solutions.

SMSC’s SEC1100 and SEC1200 are low-cost, low-power, single-chip smart card controllers offering USB, SPI or UART interfaces. Using a combination of hardware and software, these devices deliver high-performance and flexible, customizable design options. Up-to-date EMV certification enhances interoperability with smart cards and host operating systems, both new and old. USB Chip Card Interface Device (CCID) firmware provides a fast and easy platform to develop custom applications. OTP memory offers the flexibility of custom firmware or vendor-specific device data. The OTP memory can be fully or partially programmed by SMSC during chip manufacturing or by the customer during final product assembly.

SMSC’s complimentary and confidential USBCheck online design review service is available for customers of these security devices for their application design-in.

Package options for the SEC1100 and SEC1200 range from a small-footprint, 16-pin QFN to our highly-flexible, 48-pin QFN. The SEC2410 and SEC4410 are both available in 64-pin and 72-pin QFN packages. Samples of all devices are available now.

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