Monday, December 12, 2011

MEMS makes new future for mobile devices at 2012 CES

2012 International CES, PITTSBURGH, USA: Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, miniature, intelligent machines about the thickness of a human hair, are changing the way that consumers interact with mobile electronics.

MEMS frees users to toggle between landscape and portrait mode on a mobile handset, gives them the sensation of “turning” a page on an e-reader or tablet PC, immerses them in video game play through more realistic motion capture, and augments their reality as they walk down a city street in search of a good restaurant. Joined by some of its most innovative member-companies, MEMS Industry Group (MIG), invites the media to explore the future of MEMS-enabled functionality at the 2012 International CES (January 10-13, Las Vegas, NV).

“We are living in a digital world, where the mobile device reigns supreme,” explained Karen Lightman, MD of MEMS Industry Group. “Consumers cannot seem to get enough features on mobile handsets, tablets, game controllers, television remotes or e-readers. Entertainment and technology are practically synonymous, and we are only just beginning to realize what is possible in consumer electronics. And a whole new class of ‘quality of life’ applications designed to allow people to live healthier, more independent lives for a longer period of time, is emergent. The common enabling intelligence among such diverse applications is MEMS.”

MEMS TechZone debuts at 2012 CES
MIG is sponsoring MEMS TechZone, a new area of the 2012 International CES exhibition showcasing companies that are driving the adoption of MEMS in consumer products. MIG’s co-exhibitors include:

Akustica, Inc., a Bosch Group company providing the world’s smallest single-chip MEMS microphones for improved voice capture in laptops, tablets, mobile handsets, headsets and other electronic products;

Bosch Sensortec GmbH, a Bosch Group company delivering geomagnetic sensors, triaxial accelerometers, barometric pressure sensors and a comprehensive software portfolio for consumer, automotive and industrial applications;

Freescale Semiconductor, a global provider of intelligent sensors, logic and customizable software for smart portable electronics, quality of life/biomedical systems, computer peripherals, wireless devices and automotive electronics;
VTI Technologies, a leading supplier of acceleration, inclination, angular rate and pressure sensor solutions for automotive, medical, instrument and consumer applications; and

WiSpry Inc., a fabless semiconductor company that brings significant performance improvements, size and cost reduction benefits to mobile handset manufacturers and network operators through its dynamically tunable radio frequency (RF) MEMS devices.

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