Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The great semiconductor migration

PHOENIX, USA: In previous forecast periods, there have been dozens of products that have lead innovation within semiconductors. Affectionately called "Splitters" by our senior VP, Morry Marshall, consumers have historically demanded a variety of mobile devices to fit their needs.

No more. We're in a revolutionary period of content distribution and as the old saying goes, content is king. To adapt, OEMs are going to need new strategies that understand not only how to market to consumers, but how their needs are evolving, and how they can foresee solutions.

Semico tracks 13 different mobile devices that are the forefront of innovation. As a whole, this segment will grow 7 percent between 2011 and 2015. Of those markets, many will suffer from convergence, with camcorders, PMPs, MP3 players, GPS, basic cell phones, mid-range cell phones, and even netbooks all showing declines.

You may think semiconductors are all migrating solely to smart phones, but the highest growth markets also include e-readers with a 35.7 percent CAGR, and tablet PCs with a 29.3 percent CAGR.

Semico has combined 13 different mobile devices into a new study, Mobile Devices: The Great Migration. In the study, Semico shows which trends are driving innovation throughout the supply chain as total box revenue reaches $565 billion in 2015.

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