Thursday, March 22, 2012

Renesas Electronics expands 32-bit RX600 MCU family with digital power control series

TOKYO, JAPAN: Renesas Electronics has expanded its RX600 microcontroller (MCU) family with the new 32-bit RX62G group. The MCUs are optimized for digital power control applications, including motor control with power factor correction (PFC), digital power supply, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and solar inverters.

Digital power control applications require a unique balance of high performance and high resolution while meeting stringent power consumption and cost criteria. Previously, to serve these digital power applications, engineers have used dedicated DSP or application specific devices that hit the power/performance balance, but are often more complex and costly to design in. Further, these devices provide less flexibility, a limited range of products to choose from, and require specific tools and software compared with a general purpose MCU.

The combination of advanced analog, processing power, high-resolution capability and integrated timer functions make the new RX62G MCUs ideal to implement high-accuracy digital control for inverters/converters, power management and digital power supply, such as power systems and general-purpose server power. By enabling complex algorithms and high-precision control at an affordable cost, the RX62G series enables higher efficiency in these types of power control applications, helping to reduce their carbon footprints.

“As a society, we are becoming more conscious of our energy footprint, and digital power control is one area that enables us to achieve a more optimal power/performance balance. However, achieving better power efficiency requires smarter embedded design,” said Ritesh Tyagi, senior director, MCU Products, Renesas Electronics America, “The RX62G group, which is based on high performance 32 bit RX CPU core, comes with comprehensive support ecosystem and provides a robust MCU platform for digital power control applications.”

Featuring a high-resolution timer with 312.5 picosecond (ps) resolution, 100 MHz operating frequency to achieve 165 Dhrystone MIPS (DMIPS) performance, and built-in floating point unit (FPU) and DSP functionality, the RX62G group is the industry’s first group of general-purpose MCUs to provide this level of combined high-resolution capability and extreme performance MCU.

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