Monday, March 12, 2012

Posedge announces availability of wireless packet processor

HYDERABAD, INDIA: Posedge Inc., a leader in providing wired/wireless secure networking semiconductor intellectual property solutions has expanded its portfolio by announcing the availability of Posedge Wireless Packet Processor (PE WPP).

Data bandwidth from WiFi devices have been increasing 10 fold every five years and the number of WiFi devices are doubling every year. With the advent of devices with 802.11ac the trend is expected to continue, at a much more rapid pace.

Currently, the Host Processor performs all the functionalities required in most of the WLAN access point chipsets. This approach is not conducive to meet the needs of future increased bandwidth and also does not address other important parameters like Spectral Efficiency, Power budget, Number of security sessions, Fast response times, U-APSD/LP latency, and QoS especially with large number of clients.

To meet the needs of the market place, Posedge has developed the PE WPP based on its Field-Proven Wire-Speed Gateway Architecture, leveraging its vast experience in Wired/Wireless Secure Networking Solutions. The highly integrated PE WPP enables high throughput and flexible packet processing including layer 2-4 header modifications, switching, IPv4/IPv6 routing and inline flow classification. The PE WPP’s integrated traffic management provides Quality of Service (QoS), with hierarchical per-flow/per-class rate control, traffic shaping, and congestion management at 1.4 Gbps data rates.

Chakra Parvathaneni, VP Marketing, Posedge, said: “The PE WPP’s unique “Application Aware” QoS enables packets to be classified dynamically without pre-configuration for popular protocols like Skype, MSN, Bit-Torrent etc. In addition the QoS engine in the WPP architecture is tailored for half duplex links where link budgets are an aggregate providing much superior QoS experience for a large number of clients.”

Posedge WPP’s unique “Application Aware” processor delivers a 10x performance improvement, allowing customers to develop products that achieve much superior performance, high levels of integration and reduced system Power Consumption without all the host processor demands in current designs thereby offering customers a major performance improvement over existing solutions for 802.11ac data rates.

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