Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NEI leads transition to Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 family

CANTON, USA: NEI, a leading provider of application platforms, deployment solutions and lifecycle support services for software technology developers and OEMs worldwide, announced plans to launch new products based on Intel's Xeon processor E5-2600 product family.

"Innovation is what drives our customers," said Austin Hipes, vice president of technology at NEI. "The Xeon processor E5-2600 family holds the potential to create significant product differentiation, and the transition to this new architecture is increasing rapidly. Our new standard platforms will help early adopters gain a competitive edge by leveraging the processor's unmatched performance, energy efficiency, embedded security and scalable port densities."

NEI will expand its Xeon-based appliance platform portfolio with the launch of the E-1800R3, E-2900R3 and N-2500R5. These rack-mount, pre-integrated platforms use Xeon E5-2600 family processors and are engineered for applications that deliver compute, storage, backup, security and other enterprise network solutions. Compared to earlier Xeon processors, the E5-2600 series can provide up to 70 percent performance gains per Watt, reduce latency by as much as 30%, and support increased I/O throughput to enable multiple 10GE connections per platform. For evaluation unit availability and platform specifications, please contact NEI Sales.

"Many of our customers are quickly migrating to this advanced technology," says Hipes. "Customers that produce high-performance computing and communications solutions as well as data center and security platforms were among the first to express interest in Intel's new microarchitecture. Intel's E5-2600 family of processors can improve how business-critical applications perform and scale with enterprise networks when deployed across physical and virtual server platforms.
Security appliances will benefit from Intel's most advanced CPU cores yet, with the capacity to improve packet processing, cryptography and real-time network forensics."

Other features of Intel's new Xeon E5 series of microprocessors include built-in PCIe 3.0 capability, Trusted Execution Technology, increased memory capacity, faster QuickPath Interconnects (QPI) between CPUs, and new instructions used to accelerate common encryption tasks and floating point calculations. NEI's field application engineering experts work with customers to ensure that they understand how to take full advantage of Intel's Sandy Bridge microarchitecture and its feature-rich values.

NEI provides comprehensive validation and optimization services to ensure a smooth transition to this and future Xeon processor upgrades.

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