Friday, March 2, 2012

MathWorks announces release 2012a of MATLAB and Simulink product families

NATICK, USA: MathWorks announced Release 2012a (R2012a) of its MATLAB and Simulink product families. New in this release are the introduction of HDL Coder, which generates HDL code from either MATLAB or Simulink for prototyping and implementation on FPGAs or ASICs, and the launch of HDL Verifier, which replaces EDA Simulator Link and adds Altera FPGA hardware-in-the-loop support. R2012a also updates 77 other products, including Polyspace embedded software verification products.

For MATLAB, R2012a highlights include:

MATLAB: Unified functions for 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D numerical integration and improved performance of basic math and interpolation functions.
MATLAB Compiler: MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) available for download, simplifying distribution of compiled applications and components.
Image Processing Toolbox: Automatic image registration using intensity metric optimization.
Statistics Toolbox: Enhanced interface for fitting, prediction, and plotting with linear, generalized linear, and nonlinear regression.
System Identification Toolbox: Identification of continuous-time transfer functions
MATLAB Coder: Code generation from user-defined System objects and automated generation of dynamic shared libraries.
Computer Vision System Toolbox: Viola-Jones object detection, MSER feature detection, and CAMShift tracking.
Communications System Toolbox: USRP radio support, LTE MIMO channel models, and GPU support for LDPC, turbo decoder, and other algorithms.

R2012a highlights for Simulink include:
Simulink: Ability to run models directly from Simulink on target hardware including LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and BeagleBoard.
Embedded Coder: AUTOSAR 4.0 compatibility, reduced data copies, and linking of code generation reports with Simulink Web views.
SimMechanics: Second-generation multibody modeling and simulation technology with new 3-D visualization.
Real-Time Windows Target: Real-time execution of models in Windows using Simulink Normal mode.

Release 2012a is available immediately and is being provided to users worldwide with current subscriptions to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service for immediate installation.

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