Monday, March 19, 2012

Industry's first DVB-T2 solution advances digital terrestrial TV transition

IRVINE, USA: Broadcom Corp. announced the BCM3461 - the industry's first fully integrated 40nm DVB-T2 receiver - driving the deployment of digital terrestrial services in over 28 countries throughout the world that have formally adopted this standard. Broadcom's new monolithic device enables a significantly smaller and lower cost design.

DVB-T2 is the world's most advanced digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) system and is 50% more efficient than any other DTT system in the world. Broadcom's BCM3461 DVB-T2 receiver device integrates a low-noise amplifier (LNA), tuner and demodulator on a single-chip that enables better cost and design efficiencies compared to currently available solutions.

It supports DVB-T, DVB-T2 Lite and DVB-T2, driving migration from T1 to T2 and transitioning current analog TV systems directly to DVB-T2.

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