Monday, March 19, 2012

IMRA to jointly develop laser dicing with DISCO

KARIYA, JAPAN: IMRA America Inc., a subsidiary of Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd, and DISCO Corp. have agreed to collaborate in the development of new lasers and processing systems for laser dicing of semiconductor materials.

IMRA America has supplied several hundred femtosecond fiber lasers that are now being used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities, delivering the high reliability and stability required for 24/7 operation. Also, IMRA America is the exclusive licensee of US Patent 5,656,186 by the University of Michigan, essential for femtosecond and picosecond laser materials processing, which they license to their customers.

In the future, both companies will together provide new solutions utilizing the unique capabilities of femtosecond lasers, which minimize thermal effects in materials processing.

Femtosecond fiber lasers
These lasers emit pulses of light with a temporal duration on the order of femtoseconds (1 femtosecond is 1 quadrillionth of a second) at a high repetition frequency.

A major advantage of femtosecond pulses is that the pulse duration is so short it is possible to minimize thermal damage. Femtosecond laser pulses can also create modifications within transparent materials without damaging the surface.

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