Monday, March 5, 2012

Global semiconductor sales decline 2.7 percent in January with sales poised for future growth

WASHINGTON, USA: The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), representing US leadership in semiconductor manufacturing and design, announced that worldwide semiconductor sales were $23.1 billion in January 2012, a 2.7 percent decrease from the month prior when sales were $23.8 billion. All monthly sales numbers represent a three-month moving average.

"The month over month revenue decline for January is in line with seasonal patterns," said Brian Toohey, president, Semiconductor Industry Association. "A weakened global economy amidst inflation concerns and the European debt crisis continued to affect sales at the start of the year, but there are strong signs pointing to recovery and growth as 2012 progresses."

Semiconductor sales are expected to improve due to positive demand drivers, an improved US economic outlook and the resolution to the floods in Thailand. Despite recent WSTS membership changes, SIA remains fully committed to the availability of robust and timely global semiconductor revenue data and will continue to publish WSTS data according to the established schedule.

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