Friday, March 2, 2012

FSI International receives follow-on orders for ANTARES Systems from leading global device manufacturer

MINNEAPOLIS, USA: FSI International Inc. announced that a leading global device producer has placed follow-on orders for its ANTARES CryoKinetic Cleaning System. The chip provider currently uses the ANTARES System for various particle removal processes and with these orders, is adding capacity for advanced technology generations. The systems are expected to ship in fiscal 2012.*

The ANTARES System is a fully automated, single-wafer, CryoKinetic system used for processing 200/300mm wafers with capabilities to remove nanoscale particles. CryoKinetic processing technology is an all-dry, chemical free process that removes particles through impact by high-velocity cryogenic Ar/N2 aerosol, and reduces defects without damaging the wafer surface, even on copper and porous low-k films.

The system’s highly efficient dry cleaning solution can be used for a variety of particle removal applications in FEOL and BEOL. Many of the leading logic device manufacturers worldwide utilize the ANTARES® System for its defect reduction and yield improvement benefits at 32/28nm and above technology nodes.

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