Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cosemi intros industry's first PIN-TIA bi-directional optical subassembly (BOSA) meeting GPON class B+ specs

OFC/NFOEC, IRVINE, USA: Cosemi Technologies Inc., a privately held supplier of high-speed optical semiconductor solutions for the communications and computing markets, announced the availability of its SuperTIA-PIN BOSA solution (LB43-0102-xx-1) for GPON ONU manufacturers.

Avalanche photodiodes (APD) are currently used to meet the high sensitivity requirements of the GPON B+ market. However, APD devices require high bias voltages of more than 25 volts, are sensitive to ambient temperature while in operation and require accurate device characterization during the manufacturing process to ensure reliable performance over its life span.

As a result, this makes APD-based GPON transceivers expensive to manufacture and maintain. Cosemi's LB43-0102-xx-1 replaces the expensive APD with a PIN photodiode and an RF matching, high gain transimpedance amplifier (TIA) to achieve better than -29 dBm sensitivity across the entire operation temperature range. The industry's leading systems manufacturer has validated such performance results.

Dr. N. X. Nguyen, Cosemi's CEO, commented that the use of PIN-TIA for GPON B+ market would enable substantial cost reduction of the GPON transceiver to match that of the EPON and provide substantial value to the GPON ONU manufacturers not only in cost, but also in reliability, which would be passed along directly to the end users.

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