Thursday, March 8, 2012

AppliedMicro tapes-out PACKETpro embedded processor with SLIMpro accelerator using Arasan's SD3.0/eMMC4.5 host controller

SAN JOSE, USA: Arasan Chip Systems Inc. announced that Applied Micro Circuits Corp. has employed Arasan's SD3.0/eMMC4.5 Host Controller in their PACKETpro embedded processor with SLIMpro accelerator in order to meet their tight development schedule. The Arasan IP was integrated into multiple PowerPC based SoC designs like APM86190 and APM86290.

Poly Palamuttam, director of Engineering at AppliedMicro, said: "AppliedMicro was very happy with the Arasan IP. We seamlessly integrated the IP into our design and verification environment. With almost no bugs found, pre- and post-silicon, and with all our requirements fulfilled, we can only say that Arasan Chip Systems as an IP vendor deserves nothing less than being labeled 'excellent'."

Arasan has been a contributing member of the SD Association since 2000 and their longtime engagement in this organization made it easy for AppliedMicro to choose Arasan as the most suitable IP vendor for their product development.The biggest SD Association founding member buys SD products from Arasan Chip Systems.

"We are very excited to hear that AppliedMicro was able to reduce time to market, and win significant market share, thanks to Arasan's high quality IP and excellent support team," said Andrew Haines, VP of Marketing at Arasan. "We never leave our customers hanging, we are with them side-by-side until tape-out. That's why Arasan has an outstanding reputation for their support."

Arasan Chip Systems is the leading provider of mobile storage semiconductor IP solutions, which consist of IP cores and PHYs, verification IP, software stacks and drivers, hardware validation platforms, and optional customization services. These mobile storage IP solutions are compliant to SD, eMMC, UFS, ONFI, and other industry standards.

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