Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Luxtera ships one-millionth silicon CMOS photonics enabled 10Gbit channel

CARLSBAD, USA: Luxtera, a leader in silicon CMOS photonics, has shipped its one-millionth 10Gbit channel. This important milestone validates the growing demand for Silicon Photonics in today’s mission critical data centers and computer clusters as well as reinforces Luxtera’s ability to meet high performance computing (HPC) needs on a larger scale. The announcement further signifies the emergence of Silicon Photonics as the next generation interconnect with 10 Petabits of transceiver bandwidth shipped.

Luxtera is the leading IP provider and supplier of Silicon CMOS Photonics and is the only known provider of Silicon Photonics shipping in significant commercial volume. The technology continues to be a driving force that supports growing bandwidth demands of equipment in HPC, next generation datacenters and cloud computing.

Silicon photonics offers a reliable, low cost yet high performance solution as opposed to traditional technologies such as vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). Recognizing its benefits, Silicon Photonics continues to be the focus of many research labs and universities, most notably IBM and Intel.

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