Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wind River recognized as embedded market leader in VDC Research report series

BANGALORE, INDIA: Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, has been named the multicore market leader for the second consecutive year by VDC Research Group. In its 2011 ‘Multicore Components & Tools’ report, which covers the global market for software solutions for device/system development incorporating multicore processors, Wind River led the market for multicore components and tools in 2010.

In addition to receiving recognition for multicore enablement, Wind River also achieved top honors in VDC’s 2011 ‘Embedded Software Engineering Market Technologies & Statistics’ report series in the following categories:

Embedded/Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS): Wind River was named the traditional real-time operating system market leader for its portfolio of products and services for the second consecutive year, led by its VxWorks RTOS. Wind River achieved more than 40 percent of total market revenue in 2010.

Android and Linux in embedded systems market: Wind River was recognized as the embedded Linux market leader for the third consecutive year for its Wind River Linux platform and related solutions. Wind River attained more than 30 percent of total market revenue in 2010.

Virtualization for mobile and embedded systems: Wind River garnered the highest share of the global market in 2010, more than 30 percent, for commercially available virtualization technologies that enable multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single or multicore processor.

“The embedded market continues to evolve, with OEMs increasingly in need of new technologies and expertise in order to adapt to the mounting complexities and requirements of embedded devices,” said Jared Weiner, analyst at VDC Research Group. “Wind River has been able to maintain its leadership position in this evolving market through its diverse mix of products, technologies, and services targeting a wide range of vertical markets.”

“Wind River’s market achievements reflect its 30-year history as a pioneer and leader in the embedded software space, and the superior benefits that our customers derive from our technology,” said Jim Douglas, senior VP of marketing at Wind River. “Wind River takes very seriously our role as a trusted technology partner and we are committed to delivering software, services, and expertise that address and meet the business needs of organizations across a wide range of industries. Our ability to provide a complete solution—RTOS, Linux, Android, development tools, and middleware—to device manufacturers has helped solidify our position as an embedded market leader.”

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