Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TI intros highest-density 6-A power module with integrated inductor

DALLAS, USA: Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) introduced a new 6-V, 6-A synchronous integrated power module with integrated inductor, which achieves an industry-best 750 watts per cubic inch and peak power efficiency up to 97 percent.

The TPS84610 provides excellent thermal performance of 12 degrees C/W, which is 40-percent better than competing modules. The device simplifies telecom power designs for DSPs and FPGAs by combining the inductor and passives onto one lead frame, requiring only three external components for a complete, easy-to-design 150-mm2 solution.

The TPS84610 supports input voltages from 2.95 V to 6 V, generates a low 0.8-V output and has an adjustable switching frequency from 500 kHz to 2 MHz. The 9-mm x 11-mm x 2.8-mm low-noise module meets EN55022 Class B electromagnetic emissions, allowing it to support noise-sensitive applications, such as broadband communications equipment.

Key features and benefits of TPS84610
* Highest power density at 6 A: Delivering 750 W/inch3 power density in a 150-mm2 solution size.
* Simple to design: Only three external components required.
* High performance: Up to nine-percent higher full-load efficiency and 40-percent better thermal performance than competitive solutions.

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