Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ST and NDS announce certification of new security technologies in latest generation STB chips

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: STMicroelectronics announced the availability of set-top box decoder chips certified for next-generation security and content protection technologies that include the NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel and DVB-CSA3 descrambler system.

The first ST device to implement these technologies is ST's STi7108 decoder IC, which delivers enhanced user experiences and allows consumers to experience broadcast, Internet or personal content on the TV, intuitively and at any time. The STi7108 joins ST's successful STi710x video decoders, and also provides features to support 3D graphics user controls, 3D TV, content protection, and rich connections to external devices.

The NDS Security Kernel is the latest generation of embedded security solutions from NDS designed to protect media content and operator services with future-proof technology to address changing market needs. The security kernel, an element of the NDS VideoGuard content protection solution, features the increased levels of security required to enable new digital media marketplaces with solutions such as Control Word Protection and the ability to enable DRM technologies.

In addition to the NDS Security Kernel, the STi7108 provides support for DVB-CSA3, which is the latest generation of broadcast descrambler specifications licensed by ETSI. This new specification is designed to replace DVB-CSA2 and provide protection against the next generation of attacks against descramblers that are likely to become viable in a few years time.

"The pay-TV industry relies on the principle that revenues must be protected to enable investment in content and service innovation. The NDS Security Kernel provides the foundation for current and future security advancements and through integration with chip manufacturers such as ST, our pay-TV operator customers have the choice of market leading chipsets with the knowledge that their platforms remain secure,"
commented Martin Kaufmann, VP, Consumer Device Platforms, NDS.

"Today's networked home-multimedia platforms support high-value experiences and freedom for consumers, which emphasizes the rise in need for continuous improvements in security to protect content and services," said Laurent Remont, GM for ST's Connected Home Division. "By announcing certification of set-top box ICs to the latest NDS Security Kernel, ST stands out as the technology leader in this marketplace."

The STi7108 with the NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel and DVB-CSA3 is in volume production.

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