Friday, December 9, 2011

SRS to integrate SRS audio technology on Qualcomm’s reference design development platform

SANTA ANA, USA: SRS Labs announced that its TruMedia technology solution has been selected by Qualcomm Inc. to be an audio enhancement suite for their Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) program. The QRD ecosystem program is a comprehensive handset development platform and ecosystem program, featuring the Snapdragon MSM7x27A and MSM7x25A chipsets, which targets the rapidly growing high-volume smartphone business.

“With the technology advancements and rapid cost-down associated with LCD and LED panels in the past decade, it’s no wonder why nearly every smartphone on the market is equipped with an HD-screen these days,” said Bob Lyle, VP of the Mobile Division for SRS Labs.

“With the mobile industry flooded with devices capable of delivering pristine HD quality picture, OEMs are looking for ways to complete the HD entertainment experience and, by delivering an equally impressive audio performance, they are not just achieving that goal but gain a marketable competitive edge. Given that, we are thrilled Qualcomm recognizes the significant role audio quality plays in consumer purchasing decisions and that they have chosen to support SRS TruMedia as an audio processing solution on their QRD development platform.”

SRS TruMedia is a feature-rich mobile audio solution that enables a mobile phone’s built-in speaker(s) to deliver an immersive audio experience, with a noticeable expansion of the sound field, more pronounced bass, clearer vocals and enhanced midrange performance. When headphones are attached, SRS TruMedia shines further with its impressive headphone surround sound capabilities, enhanced bass and vocal intelligibility.

SRS audio solutions will utilize Qualcomm’s high performance, low power DSP inside the Snapdragon processor and will bring significant value to its customers while enabling Qualcomm to continue evolving and enhancing its mobile multimedia and audio capabilities.

“In today’s media rich landscape, mobile device users can access entertainment content from virtually anywhere, anytime, at the swipe of a finger. However, the quality at which a user’s mobile device can playback that content is contingent on the technology embedded within it, which is why we are working with SRS Labs as an audio technology partner for the Qualcomm Reference Design ecosystem program,” said Jeff Lorbeck, senior VP of Product Management at Qualcomm.

“Audio quality was a priority for Qualcomm when developing the QRD development platform and, by working closely with SRS Labs, not only were we able to pair our QRD development platforms with SRS audio processing solutions, but we also were able to present our OEM customers the flexibility to deliver impressively detailed audio from nearly any type of mobile speaker configuration.”

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