Monday, December 5, 2011

Nikon announces dry ArF scanner

TOKYO, JAPAN: Nikon Corp. announced the NSR-S320F scanner delivering ultra-high productivity and superior overlay accuracy for the most challenging dry ArF layers. The S320F adopts the Streamlign Platform already employed globally and delivering optimal cost of ownership for NSR-S620D immersion scanners.

The successful combination of the Stream Alignment and Five-Eye FIA systems enable world-class throughput capabilities of up to 200 wafers per hour. In addition, the proven Bird’s Eye Control system uses interferometers in conjunction with encoders to deliver overlay accuracy ≤ 3 nm with optimal stability, while the mature Modular2 Structure simplifies installation and maintenance functions. The scanners will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The semiconductor industry is currently transitioning to development and high volume manufacturing of 20 nm generation process devices, with the most critical layers exposed using ArF immersion scanners and incorporating double patterning. However, to minimize costs many layers will still be processed using dry single exposure lithography. To achieve this, dry ArF scanners that are able to deliver ultra-high productivity with overlay accuracy comparable to immersion systems are imperative. The NSR-S320F is the most advanced dry ArF scanner for high volume manufacturing, and fully satisfies these challenging requirements.

With a continued focus on technology innovations to enable next generation lithography, Nikon continues to introduce new scanners to market that satisfy IC makers’ increasingly aggressive performance and productivity requirements.

Takao Naito, CEO and president of Nikon Precision, said: “While the most critical layers certainly require ArF immersion, there is a very real need for dry lithography solutions that deliver ultra-high productivity with exceptional overlay accuracy. Our Streamlign Platform-based immersion scanners continue to gain worldwide customer acceptance and the NSR-S320F is the logical evolution of proven Nikon technology to satisfy this dry ArF market.”

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