Monday, December 5, 2011

Industry leaders achieve significant power and performance gains with Synopsys' low power solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA: Synopsys Inc. announced that industry leaders worldwide have broadly deployed and successfully taped out more than 125 advanced multi-voltage designs using the Galaxy Implementation Platform low power solution and IEEE-1801 Unified Power Format (UPF) resulting in significant productivity, power and chip performance gains.

Among these companies are Aquantia, Chongqing Chongyou Information Technology (CYIT), Emulex, HiSilicon Technologies, Lantiq, Microchip Technology, Movidius, Oticon, Progate Group Corporation, Samsung, Sunplus Technology, TSMC, VeriSilicon, Vimicro and others, targeting a broad spectrum of application markets including consumer electronics, wireless, DSP, mobile, microprocessor, networking, storage and portable medical devices.

Design for power is not limited to mobile applications – it affects a broad spectrum of market applications in which lowering power consumption has become a key requirement. With ever-increasing market demands for functional consolidation into a single chip, power consumption has become a primary constraint in design, along with performance and area. Implementation of advanced low power design techniques such as power management cell insertion and shutdown for multi-voltage designs is now required to handle the stringent power budget requirements of today's complex designs.

Using UPF specification of the design power intent, the Synopsys advanced low power solution enables automatic implementation of these advanced techniques. The Galaxy Implementation Platform meets low power challenges throughout the synthesis, physical design and sign-off phases of the design process. It consistently delivers the lowest power consumption, highest design performance and best quality of results while providing significant productivity through its complete low power portfolio.

"Meeting power budgets is a key requirement for most applications today," said Bijan Kiani, VP of product marketing, design and manufacturing products, at Synopsys. "To remain competitive in their markets, our customers require the lowest power and highest performance for their designs. With more than 125 tapeouts to date, the Synopsys advanced low power solution is now in mainstream usage and enables our customers to bring more competitive products to market faster."

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