Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IMS Nanofabrication announces equity funding round with Intel Capital and Photronics

VIENNA, AUSTRIA: IMS Nanofabrication AG, an innovator in nanometer scale mask and direct write lithography imaging technology for semiconductor manufacturing applications, has signed an equity funding round with participation from Intel Capital, Photronics Inc. and private investor groups.

“We are pleased to announce the funding support being provided by Intel Capital, Photronics and our existing investor groups as we work to commercialize our electron multi-beam mask exposure tool (eMET) for sub 22nm mask writing applications,” said Max Bayerl, CEO of IMS. “The additional resources will help IMS to demonstrate a 256 thousand e-beam mask writer column with initial exposures by the end of 2011.” Technical feasibility for the eMET platform concept was established via work completed under a proof of writing strategy (POWS) program completed earlier in 2011.

“Intel Capital is pleased to support the innovation in electron multi-beam patterning being driven by IMS,” said Keith Larson, VP, Intel Capital. “Successful demonstration of an electron multi-beam mask writer column would be a significant step forward in addressing industry needs for higher productivity mask writing capability at finer levels of resolution.”

Photronics is joining the equity round to support the development of technology that allows it to provide leading edge mask production capability to its customers. Christopher Progler, CTO, Photronics, said, “Our investment in IMS demonstrates our commitment to invest in technologies that can keep Photronics on the cutting edge of mask writing technology.”

The equity funding will be used to complete an electron multi-beam mask exposure tool proof-of-concept (eMET POC ) to support tool characterization, column optimization and infrastructure enhancements that set the stage for commercialization. Additional terms of the transaction are not being disclosed. The equity funding agreement is subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions with closing expected to occur by the end of 2011.

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