Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IDT affirms timing leadership with industry’s most versatile WAN PLL

SAN JOSE, USA: Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) announced that it has expanded its leading timing portfolio with the industry’s most versatile WAN PLL supporting both Synchronous Ethernet (Sync Ethernet) and IEEE 1588 applications in cloud-based networking and 4G wireless infrastructure.

The IDT82V3391 is an integrated, single-chip PLL that supports both Sync Ethernet and IEEE1588 with legacy support for SDH, Sonet and T1/E1 clock rates. The broad range of supported protocols makes this product highly versatile, allowing system designers to use a single PLL device to support a wide range of applications.

In addition, the device is capable of synchronizing to a 1 pulse-per-second (pps) input signal while simultaneously providing a 1 pps output, a feature that has become popular with 4G and LTE technologies. Ultimately, the extreme flexibility of IDT’s new PLL helps customers simplify their bill of materials (BOM) and reduce the total cost of their systems.

“As the world leader in silicon timing, we actively maintain the industry’s broadest portfolio of innovative devices,” said Fred Zust, GM and VP, Communications Division at IDT. “The complexity of communication hardware is growing exponentially, so we work to simplify it by developing advanced ICs. The latest addition to our family of WAN PLLs provides customers with the flexibility and performance they require for next-generation cloud-based networking and 4G wireless infrastructure applications.”

The device’s support for the Sync Ethernet standard is a key feature, as this standard has become popular in networking as a low-cost alternative to SONET/SDH. Likewise, the IEEE 1588 standard has gained in popularity, allowing customers to optimize network performance via delay measurement though the network. In both cases, an accurate timing reference is critical to maintaining high-performance network operation. IDT’s new PLL exceeds the stringent requirements of these standards with low phase noise and an impressive accuracy of 0.011 parts per billion.

The IDT82V3391 is currently sampling to qualified customers and is available in a 100-pin thin quad flat pack (TQFP) package.

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