Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dongbu HiTek launches foundry industry’s first 700V BCDMOS processing portfolio at 0.35um node

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Dongbu HiTek launched the foundry industry’s first 700V BCDMOS processing portfolio at the 0.35um node. Optimizing Lateral Double-diffused MOS (LDMOS) transistors with a breakdown voltage exceeding 700V, the initial entry (without epitaxial layer) in the new Ultra High Voltage (UHV) BCDMOS portfolio specifies low on-resistance to implement robust LED Diver ICs for a broad range of LED lighting applications.

While the initial process can also be used to implement power management devices for medical electronics and communications products, a second process (with epitaxial layer) will be added early next year to target an even broader scope of “green” power applications across automotive, industrial and consumer electronic segments.

“With the launch of our UHV portfolio today, we are dramatically expanding the options that fabless and system companies have to implement 700V power conversion and control devices for tomorrow’s green applications,” said Jae Song, Dongbu HiTek EVP of sales and marketing. “The immediate availability of our specialized 700V BCDMOS process at the 0.35 node extends our lead over major foundries that currently limit their high-voltage processing at nodes ranging from 0.50um to 1.00um.” He noted that his firm’s finer 0.35um processing node translates to more useful die per wafer, and hence higher productivity and lower manufacturing cost.

Dongbu HiTek’s analog-savvy technologists achieved a breakdown voltage of more than 700V while maintaining low on-resistance by using a proprietary RESURF (Reduced SURface Field) technique. Such optimization at the transistor level is emblematic of other processing techniques that Dongbu HiTek has developed to become the world’s top specialty semiconductor foundry.

According to Dr. Song, Dongbu HiTek is well positioned to deliver comprehensive foundry support worldwide to any companies wishing to utilize its new UHV portfolio. “Our global support encompasses the use of both EPROM and EEPROM intellectual property at no charge.”

He anticipates that DongBu's specialized UHV portfolio will become the preferred process for implementing high-voltage ICs for lighting (LED drivers, ADC converters), white goods (HV gate drivers, voltage regulators, SMPS controllers), industrial (solar energy converters, IGBT/MOSFET drivers) and automotive (battery chargers/monitors) applications.

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