Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Broadcom enables up to 10-year battery life for Bluetooth keyboards

IRVINE, USA: Broadcom Corp. has introduced a new reference design and accompanying software that will dramatically increase battery life for wireless keyboards based on the "classic" Bluetooth basic rate radio.

Broadcom's new design, featuring updated firmware and innovative techniques designed to minimize power consumption, will yield a new generation of keyboards and other Human Interface Devices (HIDs) that could operate for the life of the product on a single pair of AA batteries.

The new reference design is based on the Broadcom BCM20730 65 nm low-power HID chip and includes several innovations that also will make wireless keyboards and mice easier to use. With integrated support for USB HID Emulation (UHE) and Broadcom's ZeroTouch configuration technology, these peripherals can be used right out of the box with no special pairing procedure, making them ideal for "all-in-one" desktop PCs.

Bluetooth continues to gain momentum as the technology of choice for wireless mice, keyboards, 3D glasses and consumer electronics remote controls with more than 4 billion standard Bluetooth chips already installed in popular electronics to which these HIDs can connect. HIDs based on the Broadcom BCM20730 can enjoy the same battery life as those based on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology, even when connected to existing devices that have shipped with older versions of Bluetooth. The new BCM20730-based ultra low power HID reference design is available now and sampling to customers.

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