Thursday, December 1, 2011

40 percent faster runtime and enhanced high-performance core design capabilities drive adoption of Magma's Talus 1.2 IC implementation platform

SAN JOSE, USA: Magma Design Automation Inc. announced that recent improvements to the Talus 1.2 integrated circuit (IC) implementation platform have triggered a significant increase in customer adoption.

Since its initial release 12 months ago, Magma has continued to refine the system, improving runtime by 40 percent and enhancing high-performance core design capabilities. The result is a robust and silicon-proven solution that accelerates development and reduces the cost of advanced-node systems on chip (SoCs).

The tool-of-choice for many leading semiconductor suppliers, Talus has already been used for multiple 28- and 20-nanometer (nm) tapeouts. It is particularly effective on designs with a large number of timing modes and sign-off corners. Recently, a key Magma customer was able to implement a challenging 28-nm, 3.5-million-instance SoC top level design with 12 sign-off scenarios in less than 3 days – with full composite current source (CCS) models, multi-mode, multi-corner (MMMC) and crosstalk analysis enabled. Seamless integration of Talus’ implementation and sign-off engines also shortened final sign-off runtime and significantly reduced the number of ECO cycles.

“A key component of Magma’s Silicon One technology solutions, Talus was architected to increase designer productivity, improve quality of results and reduce the development costs of advanced-node designs,” said Premal Buch, GM of Magma’s Design Implementation Business Unit. “The rapid rate of adoption by leading semiconductor companies worldwide indicates that Magma is delivering the innovative technology needed to address today’s toughest design challenges.”

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