Monday, April 16, 2012

GSA/SEMATECH Memory+ conference

TOKYO, JAPAN: The GSA/SEMATECH Memory+ conference, organized by The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) and SEMATECH took place on April 16, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency in Tokyo, Japan.

Welcome remarks from Shozo Saito, corporate executive vice president and chief executive officer, Electronic Devices & Components Group, Toshiba Corp., GSA president, Jodi Shelton, and SEMATECH president and CEO, Dan Armbrust, kicked off a full day of presentations.

The 2012 conference offered world-class speakers from the system house including SanDisk Corporation, NEC Corporation, IBM, and Etron Technology, the world leading memory companies from Toshiba Corporation and Samsung, the suppliers perspecitves covered by Rambus, and Advantest; industry expert’s view from SSIS. The main theme of this conference was “Memory Scaling and Integration with Logic for System Optimization,” and the luncheon workshop focuses on 3DIC enablement discussion.

Saito welcomed the attendees of the conference on behalf of the GSA Board Members, and believes that the conference will contribute to the semiconductor industry that is forced to find the solution of scaling limit in memory devices.

“Memory technology and digital/analog IC scaling power enabled tremendous system applications innovation in the past several decades, in order to keep or even accelerate the progress momentum, a perfect matching and coherent interface between memory and logic/analog parts is critical to the system cost performance ratio. GSA/SEMATECH Memory+ CONFERENCE provides the unique platform to make this kind of global communications and collaborations to effectively articulate comprehensive market intelligence,” stated Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu, the program committee chair, also the president of Macronix International Co. Ltd (MXIC).

Organizers would like to thank the 2012 platinum sponsors Amkor Technology and TSMC; luncheon sponsor, Rambus; gold sponsors include Advantest, Etron Technology and Macronix International Co. Ltd; refreshments sponsor, 4DS Inc.; booklet sponsor, Toshiba; event gift sponsor, Dainippon Screen MFG. Co. Ltd and lanyard sponsor, Tokyo Electron Ltd.

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