Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Algotochip industry’s first company to deliver complete SoC GDSII from C models of algorithms

SUNNYVALE, USA: Algotochip, specialists in converting C models of algorithms directly to a complete SoC silicon IP, announced the delivery of a SoC silicon solution for mimoOn’s mi!MobilePHYTM (LTE UE PHY) reference chain. mimoOn, the definitive leader LTE software products for software defined radio (SDR) platforms, delivered fully functional reference code for the LTE UE PHY standard to Algotochip. Within a period of 12 weeks, Algotochip successfully completed the SoC GDSII for mimoOn’s C-code.

“Based on this evaluation, we are very impressed with Algotochip’s ability to deliver a complete GDSII solution from our LTE UE reference C-chain in a very short time-frame,” said Peter Walther, VP of Sales at mimoOn. “We believe that Algotochip technology is a paradigm shift in the semiconductor industry and look forward to partnering with Algotochip on additional projects.”

Algotochip received standard ANSI C-code and test vectors to simulate the code’s functionality, from mimoOn. Based on these inputs, Algotochip successfully generated an optimal SoC for the C-code that is very efficient both in terms of scheduling and power. The silicon solution created by Algotochip included the following deliverables:

* A fully customized programmable micro-controller and programmable DSP along with the C compiler, assembler, linker and cycle accurate simulator and firmware for the programmable solution. All these are designed specifically for mimoOn’s mi!MobilePHY C-code.
* A fully customized SoC with ideal HW/SW partitioning consisting of programmable, non-programmable and system-level solutions.
* A cycle-accurate simulator for the entire SoC and complete documentation.
* Fully synthesizable RTL, generated in Verilog for the entire SoC.
* A complete GDSII, based on mimoOn’s mi!MobilePHY C-code, for multiple nanometer process nodes.

“The digital solution we provide to our customer is unique to that customer and
completely owned by that customer,” said Satish Padmanabhan, CTO Algotochip. Once we receive the C-code and all test-vectors to verify it, Algotochip does all the work involved in creating a complete digital solution including all the necessary software and firmware for the SoC. The customer doesn’t have to learn any new tools and can focus on the product specification and algorithms – realizing the digital solution through our relationship.”

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