Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cypress TrueTouch single-layer sensor solution drives touchscreen in cost-effective smartphone from Longcheer

SAN JOSE, USA: Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that Longcheer, the market leader in China’s mobile phone design industry, has selected Cypress’s TrueTouch single-layer capacitive touch screen solution for its new smartphone, a customized model for China Unicom, one of the major China mobile telecom carriers.

Capacitive touch screens have many advantages over traditional resistive screens, including better optical transparency, lower power consumption and higher reliability and durability. However, capacitive touchscreens have traditionally been more expensive, preventing their use in many lower-cost phones.

The launch of Cypress’s single-layer sensors and accompanying TrueTouch controllers has fundamentally changed this scenario. Cypress has reduced the cost of capacitive touch screens dramatically, while delivering the same functionality and user experience of two-layer screens. The Cypress solution enables capacitive touch screens to replace resistive touch screens on a large scale in many cost-sensitive applications.

“Cypress is well recognized as the market leader in the high-end capacitive touch screen controller market with its proven TrueTouch solutions,” said Tang Xiao Xun, Longcheer’s COO. “Cypress’s success in this market gave us confidence that the company is well-positioned to expand into the competitive medium- and low-end markets. Through close cooperation with Cypress and its design partner, Topsensing, Longcheer was able to launch a highly cost-effective smart phone for China’s leading 3G carrier—China Unicom, to meet growing demand for popular smartphone applications. With the successful launch of this smartphone model, we anticipate using the same solution in subsequent models. We look forward to working more closely with Cypress in the future.”

“We’re pleased to work closely with Longcheer to bring capacitive touchscreen technology to the broad China marketplace with this new, customized smartphone for China Unicom. It clearly demonstrates the value-proposition of our single-layer sensor solution—bringing capacitive touchscreen performance to lower-cost platforms,” said Andy Chin, Cypress’s senior sales director for China. “Cypress has staked a clear leadership position in the capacitive touch screen controller market in China with sustainable innovation, manufacturing capacity and the ability to provide high quality service to customers with various demands.”

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