Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mentor Graphics adds MIPI protocol verification IP to Questa verification IP library

WILSONVILLE, USA: Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that Questa Verification IP (VIP) now supports several MIPI Alliance specifications, including CSI, DSI and the recently announced LLI.

As a Contributor Member in MIPI Alliance, Mentor sees the standardization of interfaces targeted for use in mobile devices as a step forward for the industry, decreasing time to market, reducing costs and improving interoperability. With this release of Questa VIP, designers can now rapidly verify the correct interpretation of several MIPI specifications. This allows less time to be spent developing the interface logic, and more time to be spent on the key differentiating functionality within the design.

Questa VIP provides engineers with standard SystemVerilog components for both UVM and OVM using a common architecture for each across all supported protocols. This allows rapid deployment of multiple protocols within a verification team. Test plans, compliance tests, test sequences and protocol coverage are all included as SV and XML source code, allowing simple re-use, extension and debug. Questa VIP also includes a comprehensive set of protocol checks, error injection and debug capabilities. When combined with Questa Sim, a unique protocol stack debug solution allows engineers to quickly trace transactions to signal activity and, vice-versa, debug signals as transactions.

“IP verification tools are an important component in achieving wide-spread market adoption for MIPI specifications,” said Joel Huloux, chairman of the board of MIPI Alliance. “We are pleased to see Mentor’s support of our well-established specifications and the newly announced Low Latency Interface specification.”

“Today's designs rely heavily on a variety of industry standard interfaces. To effectively verify these designs, engineers need comprehensive, standards-based VIP. The alternatives, such as building your own or adapting some legacy VIP, are becoming more expensive and less practical as time goes on,” said Jason Polychronopoulos, product manager for Questa VIP at Mentor.

“Questa VIP provides a comprehensive solution for SystemVerilog OVM and UVM test benches. With the addition of MIPI specifications to the existing support of popular and leading- edge standards, Mentor continues to promote verification productivity across the industry with both Questa VIP and the complete Questa Platform.”

Questa VIP support for MIPI protocols is available immediately for select customers.

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