Thursday, April 26, 2012

StarChip announces sampling of SCF335H, its new gen of SIM controllers

MEYREUIL, FRANCE: StarChip, experts in designing, qualifying and industrializing Smart Card ICs, announced that it is currently sampling its SCF335H product, the new generation of SIM controllers designed to cover demands of USIM Java Card applications.

The SCF335H is the first product of a new family that will fully encompass the telecom smart card ICs market. With this very competitive new generation, StarChip planned to cover SIM native, USIM Java card, LTE and high-end SIM/NFC applications. The SCF136H covering the Native market, will be available in 2012.

The SCF335H is based on Cortus APS3s 32bit CPU enabling 25Mips@25MHz across a broad spectrum of temperatures and offering advanced low power modes. Its unified flash memory provides robust data retention (>25years) with several hundred millions cycles of endurance thanks to our E3 (ECUBE) mechanisms.

To provide ultimate flexibility the memory size of the SCF335H can be tailored to customers’ requirements by a simple configuration to be done at the customer premises. Finally, the software tools provided have been optimized to further improve the code density.

All together those improvements allow at least 30 percent cost savings on the SCF335H compared to the previous generation of StarChip SIM controllers. This announcement demonstrates the commitment of StarChip to become a long-term leading supplier to the smart card ICs market by providing state-of-the-art yet economically efficient solutions to our customers.

“The SCF335H, first product of our new generation of SIM controllers family fully illustrates our strategy: Give our customers the features necessary to their application and Innovate to drive cost down,” said Yves Fusella, CTO of StarChip. “At StarChip, we constantly seek new ways to improve performance of our products keeping in mind that whatever solution implemented it has to bring benefits to our customers’ application. Such continuous improvement will be illustrated in the coming months with several breakthrough announcements on more competitive yet technically advanced products.”

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