Monday, April 30, 2012

Broadcom enables massive network scalability with world's highest density 100GbE switch solution

IRVINE, USA: Broadcom Corp. has introduced the BCM88650 series, the world's highest density 100 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switching solution, enabling the design of switching platforms with densities up to 4,000 100GbE ports.

With the industry's highest level of integration, the BCM88650 system on chip (SoC) combines the features and functionality of a complete line card into a single chip. Together with Broadcom's leading FE1600 (BCM88750) fabric, the BCM88650 SoC enables a new generation of high density networking solutions exceeding 100 terabits per second (Tbps).

As the popularity of social networking, streaming video and high bandwidth business services continue to climb, demand for higher-speed networks is growing at an astounding pace. As a result, scalable and affordable 100GbE platforms are a key requirement for next generation switching infrastructures. Large data centers with thousands of servers require 100 Gbps network connectivity in the core to the edge, while large service provider networks require high density core switching platforms with 100 Gbps interfaces to support the increasing access capacities such as 10G PON.

The BCM88650 series is the only merchant silicon solution that can process a single stream of 200Gbps traffic at Layer 2-Layer 4 with integrated advanced packet classification and deep-buffer traffic management features to support data center, carrier Ethernet and packet transport requirements.

Analysts expect 100GbE technology to significantly outpace the growth of 40GbE in its first years of introduction. In many ways, 40G has acted as a trailblazer for 100G, reducing risk at the component level and familiarizing service providers and test equipment vendors with coherent networking.

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