Friday, April 20, 2012

MEMS displays to grow 62 percent by 2016

PHOENIX, USA: The market for optical based MEMS is poised for exponential growth. In addition to MEMS devices for projection, MEMS for direct view displays have emerged. The total market was under $1 billion in 2011, but by 2016 it will reach $10.4 billion.

MEOMS (Micro Electro-Optical Mechanical System) is a specific form of MEMS in which light is manipulated. There are essentially two classes of MEOMS. One is for projecting images and another is for direct view displays. The projector type of MEOMS use some form of micromirror technology that oscillate to direct a light beam. The direct view display devices are an array of elements that control reflected light.

Texas Instruments is the current market leader with its DLP micromirror projection technology for DTV. This segment will grow as pico projectors from TI and other vendors gain a foothold in smart phones and other consumer electronics. Qualcomm has introduced its Mirasol MEMS display in eReaders. The future for Mirasol and other MEMS display technology is in other applications.

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