Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Axelsys announces successful delivery to Lattice Semiconductor of Brevia2 development kit

FREMONT, USA: Axelsys LLC announced the immediate availability of the LatticeXP2 Brevia2 Development Kit - successor to the original Brevia Development Kit.

The LatticeXP2 Brevia2 Development Kit is an easy-to-use, low-cost platform for evaluating and designing with LatticeXP2 FPGAs. The kit offers free design tools, reference designs, and a small form-factor evaluation board. The evaluation board features a LFXP2-5E-6TN144C FPGA device, on-board USB for programming and power, 2 Mbit SPI Flash, 1 Mbit SRAM memory, expansion headers, several LEDs, and user switches.

Enhancements included in the Brevia2 Development Kit over its predecessor include:
* Significantly reduced cabling complexity.
* Single standard USB cable replaces RS-232 Serial Cable, Parallel Download Cable and AC Adapter.
* Reduced Packaging.
* Environmentally conscious plastic packaging significantly reduces weight, size and cost.
* Refined Design.
* Increased reliability and lower unit cost.

"For the development of the new Brevia2 Development Kit, it was important for Lattice to identify a partner that could provide us an aggressive turnkey solution for the design and manufacturing of the kit," said Shakeel Peera, Lattice director of Strategic Marketing, "We turned to Lattice LEADER Design Services Partner Axelsys. Axelsys was able to rapidly enhance the design, add features, incorporate innovative packaging and lower overall cost through the use of their tightly coupled China-based manufacturing solution."

Axelsys Turnkey Product Realization Services have gained tremendous support from customers seeking to do more with less in-house staff by offloading new product design and manufacturing. Legacy designs that require ruggedizing, cost reduction, product refresh or sustaining engineering have also experienced the benefits of Axelsys' Product Realization Services. Axelsys serves diverse industries including Networking, Industrial, Semiconductor, Scientific Instrumentation and Defense.

The Brevia2 Development Kit is available for $49 at the Lattice online store.

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