Thursday, March 15, 2012

iTRACS with Intel data center manager "Inside"

CHICAGO, USA: iTRACS Corp. Inc., the leading provider of open, enterprise-class Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions driving strategic value in enterprise infrastructure, announced the release of new integrated capabilities unleashing unparalleled energy efficiency and business value in the data center.

The new offering extends the visibility, reach, and analytics of iTRACS PowerEye, a best-practices strategy that offers end-to-end visualization and management of the entire power chain, inclusive of all interdependencies, across IT, Facilities, and Building Management Systems. By integrating Intel® Data Center Manager software with the iTRACS Converged Physical Infrastructure Management (CPIM) platform, iTRACS has enhanced its PowerEye strategy with the collection, management, and analysis of power, temperature, and environmental information at the device level (CPU).

With visibility and analytics now extended to the CPU level, iTRACS customers can make knowledge-based decisions that proactively improve energy efficiency and optimize the business value of their infrastructure assets. They can quickly identify and decommission underutilized devices, plan capacity and commission equipment based on actual power usage, improve availability by resolving power or cooling issues before they become problems, and drive energy consumption and costs out of the operation.

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