Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fairchild's MicroDIP bridge rectifiers provide mobile designers low package height

SAN JOSE, USA: Designers of mobile products routinely face the challenge of reducing space and simplifying board layout, while at the same time maximizing reliability and lowering overall manufacturing costs. Fairchild Semiconductor helps designers meet this challenge with the MDBxS series of MicroDIP Bridge Rectifiers, one of the lowest package height, 1A bridge rectifiers available.

The MDBxS series is designed to meet the needs of space constrained systems such as mobile device battery chargers and power adapters, as well as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices including IP surveillance cameras. With a package height of 1.45mm maximum, the MDBxS series can fit into tight spaces.

The integrated design and small package size reduces component count, saving up to 75 percent board space when compared to traditional discrete bridge rectifier solutions. The family currently consists of three parts – the MDB6S (600V), MDB8S (800V), and MDB10S (1000V) with 50V-400V versions in development.

As a power technology leader, Fairchild continues to offer a unique combination of functional, process and packaging technology to meet electronic design challenges. The MicroDIP Bridge Rectifiers series expands Faichild’s offering of bridge rectifiers, providing design engineers with leading circuit technology that reduces size, cost and power in their designs.

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