Thursday, February 23, 2012

GENUSION and ROHM Group to develop B4-flash memory

AMAGASAKI, JAPAN: GENUSION, Inc., a pioneer of next generation flash memory technology and ROHM Group announced that they have entered into a B4-Flash technology license agreement. The B4-Flash is an innovative high speed and high reliability next generation flash memory technology invented by GENUSION.

The agreement will serve as a framework for both companies to develop and manufacture the B4-Flash memory, which enhance further cooperation between the parties.

The B4-Flash, GENUSION's proprietary non-volatile memory technology (data can be retained in memory without power supply), realizes a variety of features, those are low cost, higher speed write and erase operation, excellent data retention capability under high temperature after erase/write cycles, and higher density compared to conventional NOR flash memory.

GENUSION developed B4-Flash memory last spring by utilizing their original semiconductor process technology, and reach an agreement with ROHM Co., Ltd. ("ROHM") on contract manufacturing of the B4-Flash memory under the ROHM's high reliable process facility. ROHM had already finished manufacturing technology development of the B4-Flash memory, and started mass production since last October.

Under the circumstances above, GENUSION and ROHM have entered into technology license agreement on the B4-Flash in order for ROHM to enhance system solution for car navigation and smart phone market.
ROHM can expand their line-up of the system LSI by the B4-Flash memory embedded products as their own brand due to this license agreement.

ROHM will be able to provide higher value-added products by implementing B4-Flash memory - a sophisticated non-volatile memory - in their analog products such as power IC and driver IC, and logic products like SoC in addition to the existing foundry business.

Furthermore, LAPIS Semiconductor Co. Ltd in ROHM group will be able to develop and manufacture the B4-Flash memory as one of their commodity memory products line-up in addition to their strong products like logic LSI and memory LSI. This is expected to enable ROHM and LAPIS to boost competitive advantage in semiconductor market.

GENUSION, ROHM, and LAPIS will propose higher value-added products and solution by further technological cooperation in development, manufacturing of the B4-Flash memory and related products.

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