Thursday, December 1, 2011

Microsemi commends EU on new security scanner regulations

ALISO VIEJO, USA: Microsemi Corp. voiced its support for the European Union's (EU) decision to impose new operational and technical regulations governing the use of security scanners at airports to ensure compliance with fundamental rights and the protection of health.

Microsemi develops and manufactures imaging and detection solutions that include active and passive millimeter wave (mmW) RF technology, both of which detect metallic and non-metallic objects, without subjecting individuals to the potentially harmful effects of radiation and while protecting privacy. These technologies may also eliminate physically intrusive security procedures while ensuring the safety of the traveling public.

"The EU memorandum validates our beliefs regarding the accuracy and safety of active and passive millimeter wave technology in these applications, and further motivates us to continue developing next generation products for this market," said David Hall, VP and GM at Microsemi. "This decision expands Microsemi's opportunity to provide our customers with passive and active millimeter wave products for the European marketplace, as well as internationally, and allow them to address public safety concerns."

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