Friday, September 12, 2014

Third party SIP market will see 19.3 percent growth between 2013-2017

USA: Rich Wawrzyniak, senior ASIC and SoC analyst at Semico, recently joined a round table at Semiconductor Engineering to discuss the IP market.

The third party Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) market has seen great innovation in the products it offers to System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designers over the last 10 years. If any market segment in the semiconductor industry typifies the intense evolutionary pressures that the entire electronics market has undergone, it is the third party SIP market.

Most of these evolutionary forces are driven by the need to integrate more functionality in fewer devices at the system level and in ever-smaller footprints. The primary method to accomplish this today is through the use of third party SIP. The SIP market has evolved to supply the solutions SoC designers require to craft their very innovative silicon products in response to ever-changing market requirements.

Rather than looking at the third party SIP market as a monolithic whole, tracking revenues by year, Semico Research has created this report to look at analyzing the SIP market by functional category and then sub-dividing these categories into revenues by quarter. Semico has arranged the SIP market by the following SIP types:

* Graphics IP
* Memory IP
* Analog IP
* Interface IP
* Interconnect IP
* Security IP
* Audio IP
* Chip Enhancement IP
* Logic IP

Each category consists of licensing revenues, royalty revenues and service revenues with actual revenues tracked from 1Q06 - 4Q12 and then a forecast of revenues from 1Q13 - 4Q17. In addition, based on other research Semico has conducted to gather data in the SoC design start landscape, three charts are included for each IP category that shows the following data:

* Average Licensing Revenues Per SoC Design ($K).
* Average Royalty Revenue Per SoC ($0.00).
* Average Service Revenues Per SoC Design ($K).

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