Monday, September 29, 2014

ST intros world’s first ARM Cortex-M7 Core-based STM32F7 series MCU

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: STMicroelectronics announced the extension of its STM32 family of more than 500 pin- and software-compatible microcontrollers.

The new STM32 F7microcontroller (MCU) series leverages the ARM Cortex-M7 core, just announced as ARM’s newest and most powerful Cortex-M processor. ST’s STM32 F7series leapfrogs the industry’s previous high-performance 32-bit Cortex-M champ — ST’s own STM32F4—in delivering up to twice as much processing and DSP performance that is accessible via a seamless upgrade path.

Headlining the industry’s most successful family of Cortex M-core-based microcontrollers, the new STM32F7 MCU series operates at frequencies up to 200MHz and uses a 6-stage superscalar pipeline and Floating Point Unit (FPU) to produce up to 1000 CoreMarks.

Architectural innovations surrounding the MCU boost performance and ease of use: ST has included two independent mechanisms to reach 0-wait-state performance from both internal and external memories: using ST’s Adaptive Real-Time (ART Accelerator) for internal embedded Flash and L1 cache for both execution and data access from internal and external memories.

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