Thursday, September 18, 2014

First customer confirms qualification of next version 150mm float zone wafers

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: In the second quarter of 2014, Topsil submitted the next version 150mm float zone silicon wafers for customer qualification. The products build upon processes and technology developed for the 200mm platform.

A large, European-based customer has confirmed its approval of the new products in the form of PFZ silicon, targeting high and medium voltage components.

”The launch of our new products is yet another important step in the execution of our strategy,” Topsil CEO, Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, says. ”We want to increase our market share, not at least on PFZ products which are expected to generate the highest growth rates in the coming years. In this respect, product properties constitute a very important parameter.”

The new PFZ products are characterised by improved technical properties, and today’s approval marks that in future the customer will select this product type. The product is currently undergoing qualification at additional customers.

Nielsen explains: ”The new products will strengthen our business. They build upon technology developed for the 200mm platform and are characterised by better technical properties, which will result in higher customer yield. At the same time, they contribute to a more efficient and flexible production at Topsil.”

In general terms, it takes at least 6-12 months to receive a customer qualification. However for this new product the approval was obtained significantly faster.

”Such speedy approval indicates quite some customer motivation. It is a clear sign of acceptance of our product,” Nielsen concludes.

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