Monday, September 15, 2014

MoSys announces industry’s lowest power 100G full duplex retimer IC

SANTA CLARA, USA: MoSys has announced its new LineSpeed 100G Low Power Retimer integrated circuit (IC) for next-generation networking and communications systems.

The full-duplex quad retimer device supports CFP2, CFP4 and QSFP28 module CDR requirements with a single chip and delivers a strong self-adapting receive equalization for ease of connection and improved signal integrity for up to 20dB of insertion loss.

The device features the industry’s lowest power dissipation at 700mW, small full-duplex footprint, reference-free operation, integrated system and line side  loopbacks, and on-chip PRBS generation, error checking, eye monitor and diagnostic capabilities using the MoSys IC Spotlight Analyzer.

The LineSpeed MSH110 IC is a single chip, CMOS device designed to support IEEE 802.3ba and OIF CEI-3.0 electrical standards. Specifically optimized for low-power 100G module and line card applications, the MSH110 device optimizes performance, space and power for 100G modules and line cards used in data center, enterprise or service provider systems.

The device supports Ethernet and OTN baud rates ranging from 24 - 28 Gbps and includes adaptive equalization to support applications ranging from CEI-28G-VSR to CEI-28G-MR (up to 20dB insertion loss). The device has eight independent channels, each consisting of a receiver connected to a corresponding transmitter. Data can be input and output on all eight channels simultaneously.

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